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She is a private man-of-war owned by Stephen Maturin, and captained by Jack Aubrey.

Letter of Marque

This is also known as a private man-of-war or a privateer--a privately-owned ship that received an official government license to conduct war upon the shipping interest of a national enemy.


This is a fictional port town on the southern coast of England; much of Surprise's initial fitting out and crew operations are conducted here.


She is a French man-of-war safely tied up at the quay in St. Martin's.


This is an alcoholic herbal extract of opium--in simple terms, it is ethanol fortified with morphine.


This is a short smoothbore cannon used by the British Navy until about 1860.

Canister Shot

Cannons and carronades typically fired solid iron balls or cannonballs, but they could be loaded with this type of shot for short-range, anti-personnel effect.


This is...

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