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Short Answer Questions

1. How do the Prince's daughters respond to Tancredi's outfit?

2. How long is the Prince's life?

3. What does Pirrone say will never die in his speech?

4. Who is unhappy to see Angelica during her first visit after her betrothal?

5. How does the Prince first react to Chevalley's proposition to join the Senate?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens while the Prince is dancing with Angelica at the ball?

2. What does Pirrone say about the Prince's way of life in his speech?

3. What is the surprising way that Pirrone deals with his family's situation?

4. How has the Prince's view of Concetta changed as he approaches the end of his life?

5. What is Ciccio's theory about why the town dislikes Calogero?

6. What is the overall opinion that the Prince has of his life during his final moments?

7. What is interesting about the way Pirrone's mother responds to his speech?

8. Where does the Prince go to escape the ball and what painting does he see there?

9. Why do Ciccio and the Prince disagree on the pending marriage?

10. Who is Chevalley and what offer does he have for the Prince?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Pirrone is an interesting character because his views oppose the Prince's views, yet he is still considered a person that the Salina family goes to for advice and consultation. Describe in detail the purpose of Pirrone in the story along with his opinions about the revolution and the aristocracy in general. Also, explain what happens to his own family that causes him to use tactics that are uncharacteristic for him, and why the situations he is dealing with are changing his opinions on aristocracy and peasantry. Include several examples from the book to support your analysis.

Essay Topic 2

The Prince's nephew, Tancredi, is a complex character that undergoes a great deal of change during the course of the story.

1) Describe the positions Tancredi takes on the revolution, how they change, and why his life influences them.

2) Explain how Tancredi's character both represents and contradicts the main theme of the story, which is inevitable change.

3) Compare Tancredi with the Prince in terms of how they both perceive the family's status and the changes that threaten it.

Essay Topic 3

The stars represent an unchanging reality for the Prince that he looks to for comfort and reassurance.

1) Describe the appearances by the stars in the novel and the events that they correspond to.

2) Explain how the stars relate to the main theme of the story and the balance they provide to the change taking place.

3) Describe the role of the stars in the Prince's death and why their presence allows him to accept one of the biggest changes of his life.

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