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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the Prince doing at the beginning of Chapter 3?
(a) Walking with the Princess.
(b) Walking with his dog.
(c) Walking by himself.
(d) Walking with Paolo.

2. When does the harsh song of the cicadas arrive?
(a) At the end of August.
(b) At the beginning of August.
(c) At the beginning of September.
(d) At the end of September.

3. What distracts the Prince from thinking about the soldier?
(a) Watching his dog.
(b) Talking with a servant.
(c) Watching a waterfall.
(d) Talking with a relative.

4. What is the Prince preoccupied with when Tancredi interrupts him in the second part of Chapter 2?
(a) Counting his money.
(b) A statue.
(c) His dog.
(d) Counting his posessions.

5. How does Concetta react to Tancredi's story about Tassoni?
(a) She points out the inaccuracies of it.
(b) She berates him.
(c) She substantiates it.
(d) She laughs at him.

6. How does Tancredi respond to Angelica at the dinner?
(a) He immediately walks over to her.
(b) He avoids her.
(c) He continues his conversation.
(d) He stops his conversation.

7. Who is Don Ciccio?
(a) The church cellist.
(b) The church pianist.
(c) The church vocalist.
(d) The church organist.

8. How much time has passed between Chapter 1 and Chapter 2?
(a) Three months.
(b) Nine months.
(c) Six months.
(d) Twelve months.

9. What is the Prince's response to Pirrone in Chapter 2, Part 2?
(a) He will talk to his daughter immediately.
(b) He will talk to his daughter later.
(c) He will consider speaking to his daughter one more time.
(d) He will never speak to his daughter again.

10. How many months have passed between Chapter 2 and Chapter 3?
(a) Five months.
(b) Two months.
(c) Three months.
(d) Four months.

11. What does Tancredi write in a letter to justify his desire to marry Angelica?
(a) Concetta approves of the marriage.
(b) She will bring a lot of money to the family.
(c) She will never leave or betray him.
(d) The Princess approves of the marriage.

12. In what way does the Prince consider himself and Tancredi more alike than he thought?
(a) Aristocratically in their thoughts.
(b) Their negative reputation among common people.
(c) Their positive reputation among common people.
(d) Aristocratically in their actions.

13. How does the Prince announce he is going to Palermo?
(a) Jokingly.
(b) Quietly.
(c) Angrily.
(d) Sarcastically.

14. What stories is Tancredi telling Angelica after the dinner?
(a) Stories about the property he owns.
(b) Stories about the revolutionary battles he was in.
(c) Stories about his business decisions and wealth.
(d) Stories about the revolutionary battles he observed.

15. What is the Prince worried Tancredi has done?
(a) Fallen in with bad company.
(b) Lost half of his money.
(c) Lost all of his money.
(d) Betrayed his family.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the primary source of sensuality, according to the guests at the dinner?

2. To defend his actions, what does Tancredi insist that he is doing?

3. How does the Prince change the subject while talking to Tancredi?

4. What is the Prince doing when Pirrone interrupts in Chapter 2, Part 2?

5. What does the Prince dislike about his office?

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