The Leopard Character Descriptions

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Fabrizio Crobera, Prince of Salina

This is the novel's central character, a hereditary Sicilian aristocrat, who begins the story content with his life but becomes increasingly troubled by approaching political and social changes.


This character is an opportunistic, younger relative of the central character, who appears to be free-spirited and manipulative in arranging marriages and political careers, but his/her sensitive side is revealed at the end of the story after their death.

The Princess

This is the spouse of the central character who is emotional, volatile, easily manipulated, and dies late in life from diabetes.


This is the child of an ambitious businessperson in Donnafugata, who proves to be just as calculating by using her sensuality to become a crafty and successful backroom politician after marrying into the Salina family.


This is the eldest child of the central character who is emotional and silent...

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