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Chapter 1, Part 1

• The Prince and his family say their prayers and he visits the garden, where a previous image of a soldier disturbs him.
• During a visit to see his mistress in Palermo, the Prince thinks about his discontent with his life.
• On the way back from Palermo, the Prince worries about his nephew, Tancredi, and the decisions he is making.

Chapter 1, Part 2

• Tancredi informs the Prince that he approves of the revolution and the positive results it will bring.
• The Prince and Pirrone disagree about the effects of the revolution and look to the stars for answers.
• The Prince symbolically consumes his favorite dessert, a castle-shaped jelly, before his son can have any.

Chapter 2, Part 1

• The Salinas are welcomed warmly in Donnafugata after the revolution.
• The new mayor, Calogero, has gained considerable wealth from land deals, and causes the Prince to harbor a level of resentment.
• The...

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