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Wilbur Smith
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After Craig and Sally-Anne defeat all of Peter's soldiers and continue on foot, what do they forget to take with them?
(a) Their backpack.
(b) The map.
(c) Guns.
(d) Water.

2. Why can't Craig, Sally Anne, Sarah and Tungata escape up the rope ladder that is by the edge in cavern?
(a) The ladder breaks.
(b) Peter's troops are waiting at the top.
(c) They can't reach the bottom of the ladder.
(d) The ladder doesn't go all the way up to the top.

3. What is the first thing Craig, Sarah and Sally-Anne do when the Cessna arrives?
(a) Review the flight map.
(b) Strip the plane of non-essentials.
(c) Load the plane with supplies.
(d) Send Sally-Anne's photos to the US Embassy.

4. What does Craig first notice about Tungata when he sees him at the prison during the rescue?
(a) He is naked.
(b) He is crying.
(c) He is unable to walk.
(d) He is gaunt.

5. What causes Craig's vehicle to lose precious time and the patrols to get closer as he, Sally-Anne and Captian Nbebi flee King's Lynn?
(a) They crash into an anthill.
(b) One tire blows out.
(c) Potholes.
(d) They have to get gas.

Short Answer Questions

1. Once Craig and Tungata capture Peter and Nikolai, how do they get to Morgan Oxford?

2. What do Craig, Sally-Anne, Sarah and Tungata name the largest diamond in Lobengula's tomb?

3. After defeating all of Peter's soldiers in the desert and fleeing on foot, how are Craig and Sally-Anne spotted once again?

4. After traveling through the desert and being near exhaustion, why do Craig and Sally-Anne abandon the rifle and ammunition they are carrying?

5. How does Peter know the group is hiding somewhere near Vusamanzi's village?

Short Essay Questions

1. How do Craig and Tungata overtake Peter's headquarters?

2. What does Peter do to try and find the exact whereabouts of Craig and the others?

3. How do Craig, Captain Nbebi and Sally-Anne work together to try and avoid being killed?

4. When Sarah meets Craig and Sally-Anne at the hotel, what does she tell them about Tungata?

5. What disturbing news does Morgan Oxford deliver to Craig and Sally-Anne?

6. How do Craig and the rebels get into the prison?

7. What causes Sally-Anne to go into shock?

8. What do Craig, Sally-Anne, Tungata and Sarah learn from Vusamanzi while they are in the cavern?

9. How does Craig convince some rebels to help him free Tungata?

10. How do Craig and Sally-Anne try to survive until they reach Botswana?

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