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Wilbur Smith
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does one of Vusamanzi's wives lead Peter to the caverns?
(a) Peter kills all of the other wives.
(b) Peter threatens to kill her.
(c) Peter threatens to burn her baby alive.
(d) Peter is her secret lovers.

2. How does Peter know the group is hiding somewhere near Vusamanzi's village?
(a) Peter sees them walking in the bush at night.
(b) Comrade Lookout betrays them.
(c) He traces their spoor.
(d) One of Vusamanzi's wives contacts Peter.

3. How do Craig, the rebels and Tungata escape the prison since both vehicles are damaged in the shoot out?
(a) They leave on foot.
(b) They use another jeep that is on the prison property.
(c) They combine parts from the two vehicles to make one running vehicle.
(d) They steal a small prop plane from a neighboring airstrip.

4. After defeating all of Peter's soldiers in the desert and fleeing on foot, how are Craig and Sally-Anne spotted once again?
(a) By air patrols.
(b) By a villager who recognizes them.
(c) By another convoy of soldiers.
(d) By Captain Nbebi's son.

5. What does Peter do to the poisonous snake to make it angry enough to bite Tungata's face?
(a) He burns it with hot coals.
(b) He hits it.
(c) He starves it.
(d) He holds it by its tail.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where do Craig and the warriors stop for help on their way to the prison?

2. How does Captain Nbebi avoid patrols at first?

3. How is Craig able to get all of his property returned to him?

4. What does Tungata do before taking some of the diamonds from Lobengula's tomb?

5. Where from the prison does Craig get extra fuel for their journey to the Cessna?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who is Colonel Nikolai Bukharin?

2. What causes Sally-Anne to go into shock?

3. How do Craig and the rebels get into the prison?

4. What happens when Craig and Sally-Anne are found by Botswana police?

5. Where do Craig, Sally Anne, Sarah and Tungata hide after the Cessna is incapacitated?

6. Why do Craig and Tungata leave the cavern?

7. Explain the escape of Craig, Sally-Anne, Tungata and Sarah after Peter is led to the cavern.

8. What disturbing news does Morgan Oxford deliver to Craig and Sally-Anne?

9. How does Craig convince some rebels to help him free Tungata?

10. How do Sally-Anne, Sarah and Craig prepare for their trip to Zimbabwe?

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