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Wilbur Smith
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Sarah finds Craig and Sally-Anne what do they plan together to do?
(a) Return to King's Lynn.
(b) Bring Peter to justice.
(c) Leave the country.
(d) Rescue Tungata.

2. Where does Bukharin take Peter?
(a) On an all expense paid trip to England.
(b) On his private jet.
(c) Big game hunting.
(d) To Botswana.

3. How does Peter know the group is hiding somewhere near Vusamanzi's village?
(a) Peter sees them walking in the bush at night.
(b) One of Vusamanzi's wives contacts Peter.
(c) Comrade Lookout betrays them.
(d) He traces their spoor.

4. Where are King Lobengula's remains and the diamonds hidden?
(a) Underneath a great Marula tree near the Botswana border.
(b) On the property of King's Lynn.
(c) Forty feet below the surface of a cave lake.
(d) Inside the highest hill in Zimbabwe.

5. What poisonous snake does Peter use to torture Tungata?
(a) A Black Mamba.
(b) A Tree Viper.
(c) A Giboon Adder.
(d) A True Viper.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do Craig, Sally-Anne, Sarah and Tungata name the largest diamond in Lobengula's tomb?

2. How does Vusamanzi die?

3. What goes wrong with the plan to enter the prison?

4. How do Craig, the rebels and Tungata escape the prison since both vehicles are damaged in the shoot out?

5. How does Colonel Nikolai Bukharin intend to find Peter guilty?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who is Colonel Nikolai Bukharin?

2. How do Sally-Anne, Sarah and Craig prepare for their trip to Zimbabwe?

3. What parts of the Zimbabwe terrain help or hinder their get away?

4. How does Craig convince some rebels to help him free Tungata?

5. What is Tungata's state since going to prison?

6. Why do Craig and Tungata leave the cavern?

7. Describe the contains of Nikolai's briefcase.

8. What do Craig and Tungata see as they near the waiting Cessna?

9. Explain the sacrifice Captain Nbebi makes for Craig and Sally-Anne.

10. What causes Sally-Anne to go into shock?

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