Objects & Places from The Leopard Hunts in Darkness

Wilbur Smith
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This object is lovingly restored by Craig Mellow and named after his grandfather. It remains in New York.

Rholands Ranching Company

This entity is comprised of three spreads in Africa each sold after the war for a fraction of their prewar price.

King's Lynn

This place is home to the finest Afrikander bulls and breeding cows.

Queen's Lynn

This place is owned and operated by Douglas Ballantyne, son of Jonathan Ballantyne until the blacks take over Africa once more.


This place is a property of one hundred thousand acres used as a hunting lodge.


This object is a dunghill that certain animals return to habitually to defecate.

Ballantyne Scouts

This is one of the elite units of security forces that fought against the rebels.


This is a tribal meeting where grievances are heard and judgments are made and settled by elders of the tribe...

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