The Leopard Hunts in Darkness Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Wilbur Smith
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Essay Topic 1

The book opens with Craig Mellow returning to Africa. He sees the state of his family's ranch and longs to take it from destruction and restore it to its former glory. The themes of restoration and destruction run throughout the book. Choose one example of restoration and one example of destruction from the book and discuss how each one took place.

Essay Topic 2

The evil of elephant poaching is explored in the book, especially in the first section with The Comrade Minister of State. Using what you learned from the book answer the following questions:

1) Why is poaching such a problem in Africa?

2) Why was Comrade Minister of State's plan called "poaching genius"?

3) Who benefits financially from the poaching of elephants?

Essay Topic 3

The theme of poverty and wealth is discussed in the book as shown by the government and the people. Applying what you learned...

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