The Leopard Hunts in Darkness Character Descriptions

Wilbur Smith
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Craig Mellow (Kuphela)

This character lost a leg in a minefield.

Sally-Anne Jay

This character is an extremely talented photographer.

Comrade Minister Tungata Zebiwe

This character wears expensive clothes and custom-made shoes of calfskin.

General Peter Fungabera

This character is considered to be the most successful ivory poacher of all time.


This character has earlobes that are three times their normal size.


This character is a cook who is equally adept at either laying a formal banquet for fifty, or cooking a meal over a bush fire.

Captain Timon Nbebi

This character is half Mashona and was raised as such, and half Matabele.

Henry Pickering

This character is the senior vice president of the World Bank.

Colonel Nikolai Bukharin

This character poses as a timber merchant from Helsinki.


This character is a magician, rainmaker and soothsayer.

Morgan Oxford

This character is the cultural attache at...

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