The Leopard Hunts in Darkness Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Wilbur Smith
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Section 1: Pages 1 - 24

• Celebrated author Craig Mellow is introduced.

• Craig comes to Africa to work for World Bank and report on the state of affairs of Zimbabwe.

• Craig longs to restore his family ranch Rholands Ranching Company to its former glory.
• The Comrade Minister of State devised a plan to poach 300 elephants.

• His plan is a success and he makes money from the sale of ivory and elephant meat.
• Craig Mellow meets photographer Sally-Anne Jay at a meeting in New York.

• Craig's publisher asks him to work with Sally-Anne on a project.

• Craig refuses to work with Sally-Anne because he doubts his own abilities.

Section 2: Pages 24 - 50

• Craig decides he wants to return to Africa.

• Henry Pickering hires Craig as a field investigator for World Bank and gives him an unlimited visa.

• Craig finds one of his family's former properties, King's Lynn in disrepair.
• Craig makes a promise...

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