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Jacqueline Davies
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 12 - 14.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What are Evan and Scott doing in the basement in Chapter 2?
(a) They are making a lemonade stand sign.
(b) They are talking about girls.
(c) They are playing catch.
(d) They are arguing about a baseball game.

2. What does Evan think started the whole competition with his sister?
(a) He thinks that it is her fault.
(b) He said, "I hate you" to Jessie.
(c) He said, "You're ugly" to Jessie.
(d) He called her, "Juicy."

3. In Chapter 9, what happens to Evan when he hears Megan's name?
(a) His face gets hot, and he wants to scream at her.
(b) He starts to cry, because Megan used to be his friend.
(c) His face gets hot, and his throat squeezes and gets scratchy.
(d) He thinks about making her his girlfriend.

4. In Chapter 1, what does Jessie share with Evan about the upcoming weather?
(a) That it will be in the 90s until Labor Day.
(b) That it will be hot for a few days and then cloudy.
(c) That it will rain the entire time.
(d) That she wants him to tell her about the weather.

5. What is one of the main rules of the Treski house?
(a) You are only allowed in someone else's room if Mrs. Treski gives permission.
(b) You are only allowed in someone else's room if you have a reason.
(c) You are not allowed in someone else's room for any reason.
(d) You are not allowed in someone else's room without an express invitation.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the main character, Evan Trenski, doing at the start of Chapter 1?

2. What does Megan want to do when Jessie comes over?

3. Who wants to call the lemonade war off in Chapter 9?

4. At the start of the novel, why does Jessie think Evan is mad?

5. What does Evan want to buy with his earnings?

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