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Jacqueline Davies
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 9 - 11.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Evan do after opening Jessie's lock box?
(a) He leaves the money alone.
(b) He takes the money and shuts it.
(c) He takes the money and throws the lock box in the trash.
(d) He does nothing, because there is no money.

2. What does Jessie believe the new club in second grade is called?
(a) Winter Hot June Club.
(b) Wild Hot Juicy Club.
(c) Wild Hot Jellybeans Club.
(d) Whispering Hot Jellybeans Club.

3. What get taped on Jessie's Writers' Workshop Folder when she is in second grade?
(a) A WHJ sign.
(b) A picture of the four most popular girls.
(c) A lemonade stand.
(d) An image of dog poop.

4. What did Jessie break when her father left?
(a) A pearl necklace.
(b) A piggy bank.
(c) A picture frame of the two of them.
(d) A ceramic heart.

5. What is the first thing Scott does once he and Evan have set up their stand?
(a) He begins to mix the lemonade.
(b) He takes a cup and fills it to the brim with lemonade.
(c) He unfolds the table and chairs.
(d) He asks Evan how much a cup of lemonade will cost.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens when Evan and Scott try to sell the new drink, after their lemonade runs out?

2. On the last day of selling, what does Evan use to make his lemonade?

3. In Chapter 9, what happens to Evan when he hears Megan's name?

4. How many cans does Evan bring home for the final day of the lemonade war?

5. When they are not selling enough lemonade, Jessie wonders why, and she finds what in the garage?

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