Objects & Places from The Lemonade War

Jacqueline Davies
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This product that, sold by the two main characters, represents a vengeful vehicle to help support each character's need to win the war.


This subject symbolizes the need for each character to be better than the other in sales. It serves one sibling better than the other.


These relationships represent the desire for people to have genuine bonds in order to reach their full potential and accomplish great goals.

Fruit Flies

These creatures are interwoven throughout the narrative and symbolize the overwhelming negativity and incessant presence of chaos that cannot be controlled.

Scott Spencer

This character represents the existence of uncertainty, even when the characters are doing their absolute best to control the circumstances.

Officer Ken

This character shows kindness at a time when only animosity and greed exist; he shows that people are able to work together and be thoughtful, even when they disagree...

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