Daily Lessons for Teaching The Lemonade War

Jacqueline Davies
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Lesson 1 (from Chapters 1 - 2)


Students will predict the plot of the novel using the title, cover, and chapter titles. These three components of the text provide students with information that will help them foresee parts of the plot. Students will anticipate what a lemonade war means and how the individual chapters are connected to this war.


Class Discussion: War is defined as a state of conflict or competition. Students provide synonyms for the words "conflict" and "competition," which the teacher puts on the board. What kinds of conflict do you see at school? Your life? What is the difference between conflict and competition? Is there a difference? How so?

Individual to Pair Work: Students look at the cover for 1-3 minutes and write down every possible word or idea that comes to mind. For example, stand, fruit, competition, two people competing, etc. Students discuss with a partner why they...

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