The Lemonade War Fun Activities

Jacqueline Davies
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The Market

Students bring to class a product they can sell to other students, i.e., jewelry, clothing, food, personal photography shots, etc. Desks are arranged, so that students can fashion their own "stand" to showcase their items. They are provided with fake money to purchase items and paper to write out their own receipts.

Your Lemonade Recipe

Students are given the staple ingredients of lemonade and asked to blend their own delicious lemonade. After, they get to try the other students' combinations and vote on whom made the best.

Notes of Kindness

Students refer back to page 113, which contains the kind note Megan gave to Jessie. Students should then write a similar note to another student that specifically describes their good attributes.

Profit Margins

Students indicate their knowledge of profit margins by creating their own business model. They refer to page 105 and follow Jessie's format. Under the...

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