The Lemonade War Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Jacqueline Davies
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Essay Topic 1

It is common for siblings to disagree from time to time. A conflict arises between Evan and Jessie over being in the same class at school and it manifests itself in a war over selling lemonade. In Chapter 1, how do Evan and Jessie both convey their dislike toward each other? Are these behaviors acceptable? Why? Why not? How do you think siblings should behave when they have a problem? Use at least two pieces of textual evidence.

Essay Topic 2

In Chapter 2, Jessie has many feelings about skipping a grade, Evan's treatment of her, and the beginning of a lemonade stand. Find four different words that describe her feelings. Take each word and agree/disagree as to whether you agree with that feeling if you were in those situations.

Essay Topic 3

On Page 21, Jessie offers to help make Evan's lemonade stand, but he refuses her support. What...

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