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Tom Perrotta
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Short Answer Questions

1. On what streets is the Falks' house?

2. Where does Jill consider attending college and commuting from home after her grades have plummteted in in Part Three?

3. Where does Kevin's sister live?

4. What are described as "an essential mode of communication within the GR" in Part Three?

5. Who has given Aimee her new job in Part Four?

Short Essay Questions

1. What led Kevin Garvey to run for public office? Has he achieved his objectives in his position?

2. Who is Patti Levin and what is her role within the GR?

3. What is the significance of the chapter title “A Better-than-Average Girlfriend”?

4. What causes Kevin to break down crying during Valentine’s Day dinner? How does Nora respond?

5. What does Nora Durst do on Christmas Day? Why?

6. How has the relationship between Jill and Aimee changed in Part Four? Why has it changed?

7. How does the narrative perspective shift in Part Three?

8. What does Jason Falzone symbolize for the Watchers?

9. What does Laurie do with Jill’s Christmas gift in Part Three? Why?

10. What is Tom Garvey’s central conflict in Part Four?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Describe and analyze the character of Mark Henning in the narrative. How old is Henning? Where do Tom and Christine first meet him? What draws Henning to Tom and Christine? What leads him to his decision to go AWOL? Where does Henning intend to go instead?

Essay Topic 2

What are Reverend Matt Jamison’s actions, objectives, and obstacles in The Leftovers? Why did Reverend Jamison leave his church? What are the subjects of the newsletters he produces? Why does he produce them?

Essay Topic 3

Discuss The Leftovers as a metaphor for our contemporary world. What event in recent history might be compared with the “Sudden Departure” in the novel? What statements do you think the author is making about our society and communities in the wake of loss?

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