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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who poses as a couple?
(a) Murray and Nemo.
(b) Quatermain and Murray.
(c) Murray and Griffin.
(d) Murray and Jekyll.

2. What happens when Dupin shoots Hyde in the face?
(a) He breaks his nose.
(b) He dies.
(c) He blows off his nose.
(d) He blows off his ear.

3. What is happening to Quatermain's associate?
(a) He is being reprimanded.
(b) He is undergoing reconstructive surgery.
(c) He is being ritualistically tortured.
(d) None of these.

4. What river does the unfinished tunnel span?
(a) The Nile river.
(b) The Great Ouse.
(c) The Thames river.
(d) The Amazon river.

5. Why does Hyde stay in London?
(a) So researchers can concoct a sedative mixture to control him.
(b) So he does not scare the children.
(c) So he does not get in the way before he is trained.
(d) So he doesn't hurt anyone.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was Murray's occupation?

2. What is the last location that Quatermain and Jekyll enter?

3. Who does Mina write a status report to?

4. Who is Quong Lee?

5. Who does Dupin interview to find out where Murray left?

Short Essay Questions

1. What would make Murray wonder about the reformative powers of the highly sexually based institution posing as a girls' reform school?

2. What has to wait until Hyde calms down and reverts to Jekyll?

3. Why was it easy for Quatermain to be disarmed while he as in Egypt? How is it unlikely that such a reason would exist now?

4. Describe the environment of this school.

5. Why is the British Government concerned with the scientists' creation?

6. What suggests that Jekyll is very heavily sedated?

7. How does Dupin react to Murray taking her leave?

8. How is the invisible man revealed as not being a "holy spirit?"

9. How does Quatermain decide to preserve their cover when they are discovered out of bed past hours?

10. What was Polly's reaction to the copulation?

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