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Miss Murray's Scarf

This is something never removed by the character who wears it.


This substance is the motive power to propel an airship.


This is an alcoholic herbal preparation of opium and is also known as tincture of opium.


This is a submarine of extraordinary abilities.


This is the name of a hot air balloon aboard the submarine and also used to board the airship.

The Chrono-Sphinx

During Allan Quatermain's disturbing taduki visions, he, along with Randolph and John Carter, is rescued by a man known only as the Time Traveler. The Time Traveler takes the three men to a place that appears to be a rectangular pedestal topped by this object. The Time Traveler uses some type of high-tech key to open a door in the pedestal and the four men seek refuge within.

Miss Rosa Coote's Correctional Academy for Wayward Gentlewomen

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