The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Character Descriptions

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Campion Bond

This is the person who contracts the League.

Wilhelmina Murray

This person is the organizer of the "menagerie."

Allan Quatermain

This is an aging adventurer rescued from an opium den by a lovely woman.

Captain Nemo

This person commands the Nautilus.

Chevalier Auguste Dupin

This is an aged person of impeccable manners who also helps track down Jekyll.

Dr. Henry Jekyll and Mr. Edward Hyde

A fictional representation of Multiple Personality Disorder, this character is mild mannered and also violent.

Hawley Griffin

This is a despicable person responsible for multiple cases of 'Immaculate Conception" at an all-girls school who is recruited to the League.

James Moriarty

This is a criminal mastermind and Sherlock Holmes's nemesis.

The Lord of Limehouse

This is a wizened Chinese individual who is frequently described as looking Satanic.

Randolph Carter and John Carter

These characters are the creation of H.P Lovecraft...

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