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Chapter 1

• Chapter one opens at Dover, England in May of 1898.

• Campion Bond, a heavyset but well-dressed man, is met by Wilhelmina Murray, a recently divorced school teacher with an infamous history involving the seduction and attack by Count Dracula.

• Murray is young, diminutive, and tightly corseted and the two meet atop the Albion Reach, a bridge that will eventually span the English Channel.

• Bond attempts to establish a familiarity with Murray, but she deflects his unwonted advance, preferring instead to keep the meeting strictly professional.

• It develops that Bond is her recent employer and that her initial meeting reveals that she will involve travel to various locales to recruit additional team members in what will eventually ironically be known as the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.
• Bond refers to it deprecatingly as a menagerie.

• Bond in turn works for a mysterious man known only as "M", but Murray surmises...

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