The Last Thing I Remember Fun Activities

Andrew Klavan
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Split the class into groups and assign each group a different setting from the book- i.e., Jane's house, the school, the dojo, the cave, etc. Have each group create a diorama of this setting along with a description of how this setting affected the plot of the book. Arrange these dioramas in chronological order.

Children's Books

Have the students each create one page of a children's picture book version of this book. Assign each student a specific scene, and compile all the pages together.

Dust Jackets

Create a dust jacket for this book. Have the students all cover their copy of the book with this dust jacket. Have them draw appropriate images or quotes from the book on the cover. Tell them they will be graded on it.

Charlie's Lost Memory

Have the students write about what they think happened during the year of Charlie's life...

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