The Last Thing I Remember Character Descriptions

Andrew Klavan
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Charlie West - This character is a seventeen-year-old who has a black belt in karate which is the highest rank that can be held by someone his age.

Beth Summers - This character is the class vice president at Spring Hill North High School who has honey brown hair that is curly and hangs to her shoulders.

Jane - This character has a large and round face that has a childlike innocence about it, despite the dirt and sores.

Alex Hauser - This character changes after he and his mother are forced to move.

Sensei Mike - This character is about thirty-five-years old and stands about six feet tall with a long face and a soup-straining mustache that hangs down both sides of his mouth.

Cathy Simmons - This character is tall and slender, and has a pretty face with red hair that falls to her shoulders...

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