The Last Thing I Remember Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Andrew Klavan
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Part 1: Chapter 1: The Torture Room; Chapter 2: An Ordinary Day; Chapter 3: Kill Him; and Chapter 4: The Word Of The Day

• Charlie wakes up strapped to a chair in a strange room. He can't remember how or why he is there.

• He sees a bloody towel with strange metal instruments on it and realizes he is in pain.

• He hears voices outside the door talking about killing Charlie, and he begins to panic.
• The last thing Charlie remembers is doing homework and chatting online with a friend before bed.

• He remembers waking up the next morning and getting nervous about a karate demonstration he is to give the 11th grade.

Part 1: Chapter 5: My Right Leg and Chapter 6: One Shot

• Charlie finds a rough spot on the leg of the chair, and he rubs the cords against it until it frees his leg.

• The men come in with a hypodermic needle...

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