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Nicholas Sparks (author)
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who stops by the next day to marvel at the work the kids have done in Chapter 32?
(a) Pastor Harris.
(b) Mr. Marshall.
(c) Kim.
(d) Steve.

2. What does Ronnie announce she wants to do in Chapter 33?
(a) Go with her mother.
(b) Attend Vanderbilt.
(c) Stay with her father.
(d) Marry Will.

3. Where does Will intend to go to college in the novel?
(a) Vanderbilt.
(b) Oxford.
(c) New York University.
(d) Harvard.

4. After someone catches fire on the pier, Will decides there is no time to wait for what?
(a) His mother.
(b) An ambulance.
(c) The police.
(d) A taxi.

5. All of the money in Jonah's piggy bank has been collected from Ronnie for what?
(a) Keeping secrets.
(b) Doing his homework.
(c) Picking up garbage.
(d) Cleaning his room.

6. Will tells Scott that he should tell the police the truth about what in the end of Chapter 28?
(a) His father's murder.
(b) His mother's suicide.
(c) The fire at Pastor Harris' church.
(d) His brother's accident.

7. What does Ronnie offer Blaze before leaving her in Chapter 26?
(a) A letter.
(b) A place to stay.
(c) Her cell phone.
(d) Her car keys.

8. What do Will and Ronnie spend a night hunting in Chapter 23?
(a) Sand dollars.
(b) Deer.
(c) Jellyfish.
(d) Spider crabs.

9. Will insists on going to his house to do what in Chapter 18?
(a) Talk to his mother.
(b) Talk to his father.
(c) Change clothes.
(d) See his brother.

10. When Ronnie tells Will about her problems, he is sympathetic and offers to go where with her in Chapter 21?
(a) To court.
(b) To the doctor.
(c) To church.
(d) To school.

11. How many fireballs does Marcus have Blaze make in Chapter 27?
(a) 3.
(b) 12.
(c) 9.
(d) 6.

12. In Chapter 18, Scott complains to Will that he is spending more time with Ronnie than doing what?
(a) Practicing basketball.
(b) Practing volleyball.
(c) Studying calculus.
(d) Studying physics.

13. What refers to the treatment of cancer with an antineoplastic drug or with a combination of such drugs into a standardized treatment regimen?
(a) Radiation therapy.
(b) Acupuncture.
(c) Chemotherapy.
(d) Immunosuppression.

14. In Chapter 21, Ronnie and Will spend the afternoon where?
(a) At Blaze's house.
(b) Will's pool.
(c) At Steve's house.
(d) On the beach.

15. Who joins Ronnie and tells Ronnie how much this visit from her and Jonah has meant to their father in Chapter 31?
(a) Will.
(b) Ashley.
(c) Pastor Harris.
(d) Tom.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who wins the game that Ronnie's family plays with Will in Chapter 20?

2. Where does Ronnie tell Will she's been offered a place to study in Chapter 21?

3. Ronnie tells Will that what makes no difference to her in Chapter 20?

4. Ronnie, Jonah, Will, and Steve are talking when Steve has a coughing fit that causes what, in Chapter 29?

5. In Chapter 30, the narrator states that Steve learned when that he was dying?

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