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Nicholas Sparks (author)
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Ronnie's father live?
(a) North Carolina.
(b) South Carolina.
(c) New Mexico.
(d) Florida.

2. Ronnie tells Blaze about what problems in Chapter 8?
(a) Her mental problems.
(b) Her grades.
(c) Her parents.
(d) Her legal problems.

3. Whose funeral is Ronnie preparing to attend in the Prologue?
(a) Jonah's.
(b) Steve's.
(c) Marcus'.
(d) Will's.

4. Steve has gone out of his way to alter meals to accommodate what dietary conditions of Ronnie in the novel?
(a) She's vegetarian.
(b) She's diabetic.
(c) She's allergic to fish.
(d) She's hypoglycemic.

5. Ronnie has had some legal problems in her hometown because of what in Chapter 1?
(a) Armed robbery.
(b) Underage drinking.
(c) Drug charges.
(d) Shoplifting.

6. Who overhears and tells Ronnie's dad where she has gone in Chapter 5?
(a) Will.
(b) Scott.
(c) Mike.
(d) James.

7. What is Blaze's real name in the novel?
(a) Alexandria.
(b) Elizabeth.
(c) Michelle.
(d) Galadriel.

8. In what month is Ronnie's birthday?
(a) July.
(b) August.
(c) November.
(d) June.

9. Will approaches Ronnie on the beach in Chapter 12, and says he is there working as a volunteer for what?
(a) The fire department.
(b) The aquarium.
(c) The university.
(d) The police.

10. What refers to a broad idea, message, or moral of a story in literature?
(a) Theme.
(b) Protagonist.
(c) Irony.
(d) Plot.

11. Where did Steve teach for many years before relocating?
(a) Julliard.
(b) Harvard.
(c) Oxford.
(d) Yale.

12. Where does Ronnie find her friend in Chapter 10?
(a) A book store.
(b) A candy store.
(c) A music store.
(d) A grocery store.

13. What does Marcus do an act with on the pier for money?
(a) A snake.
(b) A lion.
(c) Swords.
(d) Fireballs.

14. What is the name of Will's ex-girlfriend in the novel?
(a) Blaze.
(b) Kim.
(c) Ashley.
(d) Jessica.

15. The cage that Will describes coming the following day is to protect from what, in Chapter 12?
(a) Sharks.
(b) Raccoons.
(c) Seals.
(d) Otters.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Ronnie's mother's name?

2. Where does Marcus suggest he and Ronnie run away to in Chapter 4?

3. Steve's friend who is also what insists on going to get Ronnie in Chapter 5?

4. Who does Ronnie meet that seems somewhat frightening in his intensity and his sudden interest in her in Chapter 3?

5. What gets spilled on Ronnie's shirt in Chapter 3?

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