Objects & Places from The Last of the Menu Girls

Denise Chavez
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The Marking-Off Tree

The tree in a vacant lot that divides Rocio's street between the up and down sections.

The Willow Tree

Rocio's favorite tree that is destroyed by an emotionally-disturbed neighborhood boy. Nieves plants a new one.

Evening in Paris

A cologne set that Rocio buys her mother for Christmas. Rather than put it in her room for use, Nieves sets it on the kitchen shelf to gather dust.

Altavista Memorial Hospital

The hospital where Rocio works as a menu girl during the summer before college.

Little Oklahoma

An area in Rocio's town that is a bit shoddy and in which Regino Suarez and his family live.

The Home of Lorna Preston

This is the lavish site where Rocio and Loudon attend a gala following the presentation of the play, "The Crucible".

The Closets

Important features of the Esquibel home, each closet speaks to various family members...

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