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André Schwarz-Bart
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Short Answer Questions

1. What animal does Ernie ultimately dream he becomes?

2. In the hospital, what does Ernie pray to God to do?

3. What did the SS man instruct the prisoners that the gas in the bathhouse would do?

4. Where did Ernie tell the children they would find happiness?

5. What was the "Final Solution"?

Short Essay Questions

1. What changes does Madame Trochu make when she understands that Ernie is a Jew?

2. What part does the music of the band play in the successful extermination of the Jews?

3. What causes the Levy family the first tinge of fear that life in France will be the equivalent of their lives in Germany?

4. Why does Benjamin Levy say that to be a Jew is impossible?

5. Where did the Nazis tell the Jews they were going in the boxcars?

6. What surprising request does Ernie make of the gendarmes at Drancy?

7. What happens to Ernie in the infirmary where he is put to recover from his torture session?

8. What causes Mordecai to take up a weapon against the Nazi perpetrators?

9. Why does Ernie decide he does not want to join the movements that are fighting back against the Nazis?

10. Why does Judith tell the government offices from which she secures provisions that they should thank her?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

This author dedicates many pages of his story to dream sequences. For your essay, select one of the major dreams that Ernie has and interpret the dream, its relation to his waking life, and the author's possible purpose for including the dream in the story.

Essay Topic 2

If Ernie is the last of the 36 Just Men to exist in world history, what does this tell you about the author's hopes for the future of the world? In your essay, explain why you think he takes this position.

Essay Topic 3

The author often uses a sardonic tone describing, for instance, the "kind" treatment of the detainees by the German guards. In your essay, find examples of this tone and explain why you think the author used it. What effect did it have on you as a reader?

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