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André Schwarz-Bart
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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Ernie smell as he gets out of the boxcar?

2. What do the SS officers tell the Jewish prisoners that the men will be doing?

3. What does Ernie feel toward his whole family as he lies in the hospital bed?

4. How does the Levy family support itself in Paris at first?

5. What was Ernie's assignment in the French army?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why did the colored identity cards give the Jews a false sense of security?

2. What happens to Ernie in the infirmary where he is put to recover from his torture session?

3. Why does Madame Trochu, the farmer's wife, distrust Ernie?

4. Where did the Nazis tell the Jews they were going in the boxcars?

5. Why do the children scream when the boxcar stops?

6. Why do the SS men torture Ernie for his request to enter the camp at Drancy?

7. What surprising request does Ernie make of the gendarmes at Drancy?

8. How does Ernie describe Jesus?

9. Why does Judith tell the government offices from which she secures provisions that they should thank her?

10. How was it possible that the majority of the condemned Jews realized what was happening to them only once inside the gas chambers?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The setting of this story is very specific, yet nothing is mentioned in this story of the rationale for hatred and mistreatment of the Jews in Europe in the 1930s and 1940s. What reasoning enabled Germans and others to believe that Jews should properly be exported or exterminated? Using Internet research for your essay, explain the societal elements that allowed such an idea as the Final Solution to come into existence in an educated, civilized society.

Essay Topic 2

Covering a sweeping time period, Schwarz-Bart draws some scenes in great detail. For your essay, select a scene such as the one where Ernie is hurt so badly by Frau Turszynski's torment that he has to step forward to protest, or the scene where he has a normal childhood conversation with a German peasant child. Explain what your scene contributes to our understanding of Ernie and the world in which he is living.

Essay Topic 3

A great deal of this story revolves around Ernie's development as a child. In your essay, tell which of Ernie's recorded childhood events changed the man he was to become, and why you think so.

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