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André Schwarz-Bart
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who defends Ernie against the accusations of the grocer's wife?
(a) Benjamin.
(b) Judith.
(c) Fraulein Blumenthal.
(d) Mordecai.

2. What does Herr Kremer believe is more powerful than politics?
(a) Poetry.
(b) Compassion.
(c) Reason.
(d) Love.

3. What does a Just Man do with the pain of others, according to Mordecai?
(a) Takes it into his heart.
(b) Sees it with his eyes.
(c) Softens it with his kindness.
(d) Hears it with his ears.

4. Who overruns and destroys the Levys' village?
(a) Cossacks.
(b) Italians.
(c) Ukrainians.
(d) Germans.

5. What did Yankel, the young Galician, do to his fellow villagers?
(a) He buried them all.
(b) He deserted them all.
(c) He killed them all.
(d) He rescued them all.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Yankel, the young Galician, tell Benjamin happens to his tongue?

2. How does Benjamin believe his success in business has helped his fellow Jews?

3. Who delivers Ernie to his family?

4. What occupation does Mordecai Levy take up after harvesting potatoes?

5. What is Benjamin Levy's occupation?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why do the SS men torture Ernie for his request to enter the camp at Drancy?

2. Why does Ernie decide he does not want to join the movements that are fighting back against the Nazis?

3. How does the child Ernie come to feel that he is in charge of those around him?

4. How is Benjamin received by the Jews in Stillenstadt?

5. What were the Jews told to take with them into the "Baths and Inhalations"?

6. Why do the children scream when the boxcar stops?

7. What does Benjamin imagine will happen to the Jews as they become acquainted with Germans?

8. What "mysterious" change takes place in Benjamin after Mordecai and Judith join him in Stillenstadt?

9. What does the author find "admirable" about German education during the years before the Final Solution of Jewish extermination?

10. What happens to Ernie in the infirmary where he is put to recover from his torture session?

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