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André Schwarz-Bart
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Yankel, the young Galician, tell Benjamin happens to his tongue?
(a) It speaks velvet words.
(b) It cuts someone each time it speaks.
(c) It becomes confused and stumbles.
(d) It tells only lies.

2. What do the German children hate most about Ernie?
(a) His intelligence.
(b) His gentleness.
(c) His stubbornness.
(d) His courage.

3. Why do the German children regret attacking Ernie?
(a) They think they have killed him.
(b) They think they will be punished.
(c) They think he is vengeful.
(d) They think they were wrong.

4. Why is Chaim's son, the Just Man, called Brother Beast?
(a) He is illiterate and loves plants and animals more than people.
(b) He is illiterate and cannot speak.
(c) He is illiterate, and he's cruel to people.
(d) He is illiterate, and he loves no one.

5. What does Benjamin attempt to give the villagers but finds he cannot?
(a) Free mending.
(b) A joke.
(c) Recipes.
(d) Gratitude.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who stays behind when the Pimpfe leave Ernie?

2. What does Judith do when a soldier attacks Mordecai?

3. What does Ilse Bruckner promise Hans Schliemann when they leave Ernie?

4. What is each generation's joking response to "Let us speak of something gay"?

5. What does Benjamin call his wife?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Ernie think as he is surrounded by the Pimpfe bullies?

2. What solution does Moritz think would relieve the Jews of the danger involved in going to the synagogue.

3. Why doesn't Ernie sing with his class when Herr Geek orders him to do so?

4. How does Judith recognize Mordecai as a Just Man?

5. What is the role of the Lamed-Vov, the Just Men?

6. How does the child Ernie come to feel that he is in charge of those around him?

7. How is Benjamin received by the Jews in Stillenstadt?

8. How does Mordecai answer the question of why the Just Man dies in bed, rather than in martyrdom?

9. Why do Mordecai and Judith decide that Benjamin is like a mosquito?

10. What qualities of character does Brother Beast possess?

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