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André Schwarz-Bart
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When France surrenders, what happens to Ernie's family interred at Gurs?
(a) They are shot.
(b) They are set free.
(c) They are delivered to Nazi extermination camps.
(d) They are deported.

2. What happens to Ernie's body when he gets out of the boxcar?
(a) He weeps blood.
(b) His ears bleed.
(c) He sweats blood.
(d) His wounds bleed.

3. What does Ernie pray will be taken from his heart on his dream wedding day?
(a) All hatred.
(b) All Christian influence.
(c) All sorrow.
(d) All desire for revenge.

4. What does the aide request of the SS officer?
(a) Permission to torture Ernie.
(b) Permission to cry.
(c) Permission to leave the room during the interrogation.
(d) Permission to laugh.

5. What is Ernie unable to determine about the children who crowd around him in the boxcar?
(a) If any of them hear him speaking.
(b) If any of them are still alive.
(c) If any of them understand what he is saying.
(d) If any of them are still awake.

6. What do the SS officers tell the Jewish prisoners that the men will be doing?
(a) Building offices and apartments.
(b) Clearing forests.
(c) Building houses and roads.
(d) Building bridges.

7. Why did the Jews in Germany not believe the warning signs of their destruction?
(a) They did not believe the Nazis would lie.
(b) They did not believe that human beings could behave like the Nazis.
(c) They believed their suffering served an ultimate purpose.
(d) They believed God would ultimately rescue them.

8. What do the Jews continue to do in 1943 despite ever-increasing danger?
(a) Wear the identifying stars.
(b) Attend synagogue.
(c) Dress as Jews.
(d) Speak Yiddish.

9. What were the prisoners instructed to take with them to the baths?
(a) Their soap and toiletries.
(b) Their valuables and papers.
(c) Their identification.
(d) Their suitcases and clothing.

10. While the Jewish children in Germany are being taught self-destruction, what are the German children taught?
(a) Compassion.
(b) Murder.
(c) Self-hate.
(d) Pride.

11. As they breathed the gas, when did Ernie promise Golda he would see her?
(a) In a little while.
(b) Never.
(c) Before the end of the world.
(d) Before the night was over.

12. What does the SS officer suspect Ernie of doing?
(a) Spying for the Russians.
(b) Trying to get a message out from the camp.
(c) Spying for the Americans.
(d) Trying to carry a message into the camp.

13. What is in the bridal chamber when Ernie and Golda first enter in Ernie's dream?
(a) A sewing machine, a bundle, and a cot.
(b) A rooster and a fish.
(c) A canopied bed.
(d) Doves and butterflies.

14. What did the SS man instruct the prisoners that the gas in the bathhouse would do?
(a) Free them from this world.
(b) Prevent pain.
(c) Disinfect and strengthen the lungs.
(d) Make breathing easier.

15. What unusual request does Ernie make of the gendarmes in Drancy?
(a) A visitor's pass to the concentration camp.
(b) Admission to the concentration camp.
(c) Exemption from the concentration camp.
(d) Identification of the concentration camp's inhabitants.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Benjamin view Jewish suffering?

2. What does the farmer's wife find out that changes her attitude toward Ernie?

3. How does Ernie respond when reprimanded by the doctor for telling the children their experience was just a dream?

4. What did Ernie review in the infirmary as he recovered from his torture?

5. How long does Ernie stay in the hospital?

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