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André Schwarz-Bart
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Ernie do to get the attention of the military in Drancy?
(a) Tears off his gold star.
(b) Faints in the street.
(c) Attacks an officer.
(d) Demands admission to the camp.

2. What do Golda and Ernie decide there is no time left to do?
(a) Invite their friends to their wedding.
(b) Tell their families about their wedding.
(c) Find a rabbi to marry them.
(d) Set up a canopy for their wedding.

3. Why did the Jews in Germany not believe the warning signs of their destruction?
(a) They believed their suffering served an ultimate purpose.
(b) They did not believe the Nazis would lie.
(c) They believed God would ultimately rescue them.
(d) They did not believe that human beings could behave like the Nazis.

4. What are Ernie's first words as he comes to life in the hospital?
(a) "The world is going to rack and ruin."
(b) "Everything will be all right."
(c) "Things are not what they seem."
(d) "Be careful. They're deceiving you."

5. What was Golda's impossible desire?
(a) To have a Paris designer gown.
(b) To walk through Paris with Ernie without their stars.
(c) To eat all the fruit she wanted.
(d) To leave Europe altogether.

6. What does the SS officer suspect Ernie of doing?
(a) Spying for the Americans.
(b) Trying to get a message out from the camp.
(c) Trying to carry a message into the camp.
(d) Spying for the Russians.

7. What were suicidal Jews at Buchenwald requested to do?
(a) Wait to be killed.
(b) Turn in their personal possessions.
(c) Put identification in their mouths.
(d) Leave the room.

8. What does Herschel Grynszpan do that affects all Jews in Germany?
(a) Shoots the secretary of the German embassy in Paris.
(b) Shoots a Nazi officer.
(c) Shoots his mother and his father.
(d) Attempts to shoot the Fuehrer.

9. What did the signs directing the prisoners to the baths say?
(a) "To the baths and dining hall."
(b) "To the baths and dormitories."
(c) "To the baths and cafeteria."
(d) "To the baths and inhalations."

10. What does Ernie pray will be taken from his heart on his dream wedding day?
(a) All desire for revenge.
(b) All Christian influence.
(c) All hatred.
(d) All sorrow.

11. What does Ernie tell Golda Christians have done with the cross of Christ?
(a) Made it a symbol of hatred.
(b) Made it a symbol of peace.
(c) Turned it into a sword.
(d) Made it something to hope for.

12. Ernie tells Golda that Jesus was _____________.
(a) An old-fashioned Jewish Just Man.
(b) An innocent victim of men's greed.
(c) A symbol of war and division.
(d) The first fascist.

13. Ernie thinks falling in love can lead to ________________.
(a) Vulnerability and heartbreak.
(b) Siestas and delirium.
(c) Overindulgence and misery.
(d) Fasting, temperance, and writing poetry.

14. What kind of dogs do the SS officers bring with them to help manage the people in the boxcars?
(a) German shepherds.
(b) Bloodhounds and rottweilers.
(c) Bulldogs and bloodhounds.
(d) Pincers and mastiffs.

15. What does Ernie's moustache cause him to resemble?
(a) A Great Dane.
(b) A St. Bernard.
(c) A poodle.
(d) A hound.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Ernie feel after rescuing Golda, the red-haired girl?

2. What do the Jews of Proskurov do to save themselves from persecution?

3. What was Ernie's assignment in the French army?

4. Where did Ernie find work in 1943?

5. In the hospital, what does Ernie pray to God to do?

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