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André Schwarz-Bart
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What were the Levys never able to identify about the Just Man in their family?
(a) The way to treat a Just Man.
(b) The signs by which God made his choice.
(c) The identifying features of a Just Man in childhood.
(d) The purpose of a Just man.

2. Who are the Pimpfe?
(a) Pioneers in Hitler Youth.
(b) The school chorus.
(c) The school elite.
(d) A street gang.

3. Why does Benjamin decide not to tell his wife that he is a Just Man?
(a) He knows it would cause her needless worry.
(b) He is afraid that she would leave him.
(c) He no longer believes in that legend.
(d) He is sure she wouldn't marry him.

4. What finally causes Benjamin to drop his suspicion of the villagers?
(a) Soup.
(b) Kind words.
(c) Friendship.
(d) Cheap rent.

5. What keeps Ernie from success in committing suicide?
(a) The absence of pain.
(b) Love of his family.
(c) The sense that he is already nothing.
(d) Fear of death.

6. How does Benjamin defend the apostate who returns to Judaism?
(a) He has suffered enough during his time as a Christian.
(b) He is voluntarily suffering; let us not add to his burden.
(c) He has chosen correctly; let us celebrate with him.
(d) He will suffer as God wills.

7. What does Ernie decide to do in response to his public disgrace?
(a) Stay in his room.
(b) Run away.
(c) Apologize.
(d) Hide.

8. Why does Ernie join the street gang?
(a) He loves fighting.
(b) To follow his brother Moritz.
(c) To have playmates.
(d) To be near Ilse Bruckner.

9. What does Ernie do with Ilse that infuriates Hans Schliemann?
(a) He takes her hand.
(b) He cries with her.
(c) He kisses her cheek.
(d) He puts his arm around her.

10. What mysterious affliction hit Benjamin when Judith and Mordecai came to Stillenstadt?
(a) A headache.
(b) A fever.
(c) A mental confusion.
(d) A silence.

11. What are Jews called in Herr Kremer's school?
(a) Examples.
(b) Exchange students.
(c) Specimens.
(d) Guests.

12. What does the ancient text say is the role of Israel in the world?
(a) To create the sufferings of mankind.
(b) To atone for the wrongs of mankind.
(c) To take upon itself the sufferings of mankind.
(d) To fight for justice.

13. What does Ilse Bruckner do for Ernie?
(a) Helps him with his homework.
(b) Becomes his friend in public.
(c) Cares for him when he is ill.
(d) Bargains with bullies to protect him.

14. What does Mordecai tell Ernie he will eventually begin to do as a Just Man?
(a) Become wise.
(b) Glow.
(c) Redeem his people.
(d) Work to save the world.

15. What is Ilse Bruckner first in at Ernie's school?
(a) Science.
(b) Mathematics.
(c) German.
(d) Music.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Benjamin attempt to give the villagers but finds he cannot?

2. What does Judith do when a soldier attacks Mordecai?

3. Who delivers Ernie to his family?

4. What question does Judith raise that Mordecai cannot answer?

5. Why is the village upset when Chaim Levy has more than one son?

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