The Last of the Just Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

André Schwarz-Bart
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Chapter One, The Legend of the Just Men | Chapter 2, Zemyock, Part 1

• Rabbi Yom Tov Levy kills Jews who are trapped by Christian soldiers.

• The Lamed-Vov are thirty-six Just Men who literally save the world, one in each generation.

• Solomon Levy, the youngest son of Rabbi Yom Tov Levy, survived to keep the line of Just Men.

• Each Just Man suffers for the world and is put to death.

Chapter 2, Zemyock, Part 2 | Chapter 2, Zemyock, Part 3

• "Brother Beast" names Joshua Levy, his nephew, as the next Just Man.

• Each Levy child lives with the question of whether he is the Just Man for his generation.

• Mordecai Levy earns a reputation as a "tough Jew," willing to fight.

• Mordecai becomes a peddler and falls in love with Judith.

Chapter 2, Zemyock, Part 4 | Chapter 2, Zemyock, Part 5

• Mordecai leaves Judith to return to Zemyock to write the history of the Levys for his children...

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