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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Stan tell Jack about himself?

2. After crossing into the new country, what do Jack, Stan, and the German soldiers get a ride from?

3. Where do the German soldiers take Jack?

4. How do Jack and Stan leave their German captors?

5. How many German soldiers come and take Stan and Jack out of the hospital?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe what happens to Dave after he and Jack parachute, analyzing Jack's reasoning.

2. Describe what happens during the night at the German army camp.

3. Describe what happens when Jack is taken as a prisoner of war.

4. Explain why Willy and Karl would want to give themselves up to the Americans.

5. Briefly describe the character Stan who is introduced in Part 3, Chapters 13 - 15.

6. Describe what Jack discovers about Chuckie during the final mission.

7. Explain how the war has taken on a new dimension for Jack.

8. Recall what Jack tells the German soldier who interviews him.

9. Recall what happens during Jack's final mission.

10. Explain how Jack can understand the German that the soldiers speak.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In The Last Mission, Godfather II is heavily hit with flak and the wing falls off causing several of the crew members to parachute into enemy territory. Several of Jack's crew mates have died, but Jack seems unable to face the reality that they are dead. Analyze how Jack deals with shock and grief in The Last Mission.

Part 1) What is grief? What can cause grief and shock?

Part 2) What happens to Jack in this section of the book that causes him to have grief and shock?

Part 3) How does Jack deal with grief? Is Jack's reaction to the death of his friends an example of his youth?

Essay Topic 2

Jack and Dotty's relationship is an important element to the book. Analyze the character of Dotty and examine her affect on Jack. What kind of person is Dotty? Why does Jack choose to visit her and not his own family? What is it about Dotty that Jack is drawn to?

Essay Topic 3

In The Last Mission, Jack has now seen other soldiers shot and killed. Yet, he seems unwilling to accept that his friends are dead, even though his own eyes have seen it. Analyze Jack's unwillingness to accept death and why he is so unwilling.

Part 1) Why is Jack so unwilling to accept that his crew members are dead?

Part 2) Why would Jack hold onto the belief that they are alive?

Part 3) Is Jack's unwillingness to accept death a way of surviving or is it a result of his immaturity?

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