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This test consists of 5 short answer questions, 10 short essay questions, and 1 (of 3) essay topics.

Short Answer Questions

1. How many people does Jack see survive from the plane crash he views from the window?

2. What happens when Jack tries to fly to his furlough destination?

3. While up in the air for the first time, what does Jack imagine?

4. When does Jack's plane drop their bombs?

5. To which organization is the daughter of the person that Jack rents a room from, a member?

Short Essay Questions

1. Analyze Jack and Chuckie's relationship; how does Jack feel about Chuckie?

2. Recall from the text what Jack sees happen to a plane that is caught in a downdraft.

3. Analyze how Jack's immaturity is apparent in Part 1, Chapters 1 -3, citing an example from the text.

4. Briefly describe the main character, Jack Raab.

5. Recall what Jack does to get home to New York.

6. Recall from the text how Jack reacts his first time up in the air.

7. Describe Jack and Dotty's afternoon together.

8. Explain whom Jack meets in Miami Beach and what he fears.

9. Explain why Jack wants to join the Army Air Corps.

10. Explain Jack's feeling about home in Part 1, Chapters 4-5.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The setting in The Last Mission is vital to the whole tone of the story. The setting almost becomes a character itself because of how much it shapes the story. Describe how the author uses the different settings in The Last Mission to set the tone for his story. Different settings to explore: boot camp in Florida, flight training in Louisiana, weekend leave in New Orleans, furlough in New York, Northumberland Air Base in England, the air missions, Czechoslovakia as a POW, and Austria as a POW.

Essay Topic 2

The character Stan is introduced later on in The Last Mission. Stan and Jack are put together on the POW bus because they are the least injured and they quickly become friends. Analyze the character of Stan, and also compare him to Jack's character. Where are they from? Why did they join the war effort? What are their families like? How old are they? What do they look like? Who is more passionate about the war? What are their strengths, weaknesses, beliefs?

Essay Topic 3

In The Last Mission, Jack befriends Chuckie, a fellow Army Air Corps crew member. Chuckie quickly becomes Jack's closest friend and an important character in the novel. Write an essay comparing the characters of Chuckie and Jack. Why has each character chosen to join the war effort? Why the Army Air Corps? How does Jack's friendship with Chuckie help him to adjust to life away from home?

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