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Short Answer Questions

1. How does Jack feel when his plane touches ground after his first mission?

2. At which Air Base do Jack and his crew arrive in Part 2, Chapter 6?

3. Who does Jack smoke a cigarette with while waiting for the officers to arrive?

4. Who does Jack visit on his final day on furlough?

5. With which Lieutenant does Jack undergo flight training?

Short Essay Questions

1. Recall how Jack and Stan get back to the American lines and how they are treated.

2. Describe how Jack and Stan escape the German army camp.

3. Briefly describe the character Stan who is introduced in Part 3, Chapters 13 - 15.

4. Explain why Jack's plane is named Godfather, Inc.

5. Explain why Jack decides to keep a piece of flak from one of his missions.

6. Recall from the text how Jack reacts his first time up in the air.

7. Describe what happens to Dave after he and Jack parachute, analyzing Jack's reasoning.

8. Analyze how Jack's first mission begins to change him.

9. Describe what Jack discovers about Chuckie during the final mission.

10. Explain how Jack can understand the German that the soldiers speak.

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

In The Last Mission, Godfather II is heavily hit with flak and the wing falls off causing several of the crew members to parachute into enemy territory. Several of Jack's crew mates have died, but Jack seems unable to face the reality that they are dead. Analyze how Jack deals with shock and grief in The Last Mission.

Part 1) What is grief? What can cause grief and shock?

Part 2) What happens to Jack in this section of the book that causes him to have grief and shock?

Part 3) How does Jack deal with grief? Is Jack's reaction to the death of his friends an example of his youth?

Essay Topic 2

In The Last Mission, Jack has now seen other soldiers shot and killed. Yet, he seems unwilling to accept that his friends are dead, even though his own eyes have seen it. Analyze Jack's unwillingness to accept death and why he is so unwilling.

Part 1) Why is Jack so unwilling to accept that his crew members are dead?

Part 2) Why would Jack hold onto the belief that they are alive?

Part 3) Is Jack's unwillingness to accept death a way of surviving or is it a result of his immaturity?

Essay Topic 3

In The Last Mission, Jack befriends Chuckie, a fellow Army Air Corps crew member. Chuckie quickly becomes Jack's closest friend and an important character in the novel. Write an essay comparing the characters of Chuckie and Jack. Why has each character chosen to join the war effort? Why the Army Air Corps? How does Jack's friendship with Chuckie help him to adjust to life away from home?

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