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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Jack afraid to write a girl?
(a) He does not think she will write back.
(b) He fears she will figure out his real age.
(c) He does not want his other crewmates to tease him.
(d) He is afraid she will think he is silly.

2. Why does Jack want to join the fight against Hitler?
(a) To represent his family.
(b) To try and make some friends.
(c) To become a big war hero.
(d) To get away from home.

3. Why is Jack nervous about what he says and does around his crew?
(a) He is afraid they will not like him.
(b) He does not like the other guys in his crew.
(c) He is afraid they will realize his true age.
(d) He is very homesick.

4. In a short amount of time, how do the missions become for Jack?
(a) Exciting.
(b) Dull.
(c) Routine.
(d) Awful.

5. Where are Jack and his crew forced to ditch their plane during a bomb run?
(a) The English Channel.
(b) Dover.
(c) Berlin.
(d) Lyme Bay.

Short Answer Questions

1. What religion is Jack Raab?

2. To which organization is the daughter of the person that Jack rents a room from, a member?

3. When does Jack's plane drop their bombs?

4. When he is waiting for the officer to arrive during flight training. what type of plane does Jack wait in the shade of?

5. Who does Jack rent a room from while on furlough?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe what happens while Jack, Stan, Willy, and Karl are crossing into Austria.

2. Describe and briefly analyze how Jack feels about the war in Part 1, Chapters 1-3.

3. Recall from the text what Jack sees happen to a plane that is caught in a downdraft.

4. Analyze how Jack's first mission begins to change him.

5. Explain how Jack views the men who teach him during his training.

6. Describe what Jack and his crew do on weekend leave.

7. Describe what Jack discovers about Chuckie during the final mission.

8. Describe how Jack thinks clearly after landing on enemy territory.

9. Analyze how Jack's lesson about lying has changed him.

10. Explain how the war has taken on a new dimension for Jack.

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