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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At the end of Part 1, Chapter 3, what are Jack and his fellow crew members promoted to?
(a) Sergeant.
(b) Private.
(c) Captain.
(d) Lieutenant.

2. What does Jack find himself doing with each mission?
(a) Looking eagerly out the window.
(b) Shooting the machine gun.
(c) Releasing the bombs.
(d) Curling into a ball and hiding under a stack of flak jackets.

3. What mission is it when Jack sees his first and only German fighter plane?
(a) Nineteenth mission.
(b) Ninth mission.
(c) Tenth mission.
(d) Twentieth mission.

4. Who does Jack not go see while on furlough?
(a) Chuckie.
(b) His family.
(c) Dotty.
(d) Martin.

5. Who does Jack feel is his closest friend?
(a) Chuckie.
(b) Ronald.
(c) Max.
(d) Irving.

6. What does Jack join?
(a) Marines.
(b) Navy.
(c) Army Air Corps.
(d) Air Force.

7. What does the person who Jack calls ask him to do?
(a) To never call again.
(b) To please come home.
(c) To come and visit when he is on furlough.
(d) To be careful.

8. What does Jack witness another plane get caught in?
(a) A hurricane.
(b) A downdraft.
(c) A thunderstorm.
(d) A fight.

9. Who does Jack decide to call while on weekend leave?
(a) Dotty.
(b) Chuckie.
(c) Irving.
(d) His dad.

10. While up in the air for the first time, what does Jack imagine?
(a) Doing everyone's jobs, even the pilot's.
(b) Jumping from the plane.
(c) Landing safely.
(d) The plane crashing.

11. Who did Jack meet in Miami Beach?
(a) Irving.
(b) Chuckie.
(c) His grandpa.
(d) A girl.

12. Why won't Jack call his mother while on weekend leave?
(a) He is afraid she will yell at him.
(b) He is mad at her.
(c) He is afraid of her.
(d) He is afraid the moment he hears her voice, he will tell her the truth.

13. How does Jack get to his home city?
(a) He hitchhikes.
(b) Rides the bus.
(c) His mom comes and gets him.
(d) Rides the train.

14. What religion is Jack Raab?
(a) Jewish.
(b) Lutheran.
(c) Catholic.
(d) Methodist.

15. What does Jack talk about to the person he calls?
(a) How homesick he is.
(b) Their days together in Miami Beach.
(c) His childhood memories.
(d) Their vacation in New Orleans.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Jack become frightened once he is up in the air on his first mission?

2. With which Lieutenant does Jack undergo flight training?

3. Which crew mate of Jack's does not go on weekend leave?

4. Why does Jack's crew mate not go on weekend leave?

5. What does the person who Jack spends the final day of furlough with promise to do?

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