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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the person who Jack calls ask him to do?
(a) To come and visit when he is on furlough.
(b) To be careful.
(c) To never call again.
(d) To please come home.

2. During one of the missions, what almost hit Jack's knee?
(a) A piece of plane.
(b) An arrow.
(c) A piece of flak.
(d) A stray bullet.

3. Who does Jack feel is his closest friend?
(a) Ronald.
(b) Irving.
(c) Chuckie.
(d) Max.

4. Where are Jack and his crew forced to ditch their plane during a bomb run?
(a) The English Channel.
(b) Dover.
(c) Lyme Bay.
(d) Berlin.

5. What city do Jack and his crew go to for weekend leave?
(a) Tampa.
(b) Miami.
(c) Tallahassee.
(d) New Orleans.

6. When he is waiting for the officer to arrive during flight training. what type of plane does Jack wait in the shade of?
(a) B-18.
(b) B-29.
(c) B-17.
(d) B-5.

7. While up in the air for the first time, what does Jack imagine?
(a) Jumping from the plane.
(b) The plane crashing.
(c) Doing everyone's jobs, even the pilot's.
(d) Landing safely.

8. Who does Jack visit on his final day on furlough?
(a) Dotty.
(b) His family.
(c) Chuckie.
(d) Martin.

9. Why does Jack want to join the fight against Hitler?
(a) To represent his family.
(b) To become a big war hero.
(c) To try and make some friends.
(d) To get away from home.

10. How does Jack feel when his plane touches ground after his first mission?
(a) Anxious.
(b) Grateful.
(c) Terrified.
(d) Disappointed.

11. In a short amount of time, how do the missions become for Jack?
(a) Awful.
(b) Routine.
(c) Exciting.
(d) Dull.

12. How does Jack get to his home city?
(a) Rides the train.
(b) He hitchhikes.
(c) His mom comes and gets him.
(d) Rides the bus.

13. Why does Jack not get any mail?
(a) He could not tell his family where he is because of the risk of getting caught in his lie about his age.
(b) His family is upset with him and will not write.
(c) He told his family and friends not to write him.
(d) He does not have any family or friends.

14. Why does Jack lie about his age?
(a) To join the Marines.
(b) To join the Air Force.
(c) To join the Navy.
(d) To join the Army Air Corps.

15. Where does Jack learn his first mission will be over?
(a) Munich.
(b) Berlin.
(c) Frankfurt.
(d) Hamburg.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who are the other soldiers that Jack and his crew go through training with?

2. What city does Jack go to during furlough?

3. Where is the Air Base in Part 2, Chapter 6 located?

4. What does Jack do until he makes himself brave while on his first mission?

5. What does Jack see when he looks out the window of the plane on his first mission?

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