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Lesson 1 (from Part 1, The Crew: Chapters 1-3)


Part 1, The Crew: Chapters 1-3

The book, The Last Mission, is historical fiction, and is set during World War II. The purpose of this lesson is to research the background of World War II as it was fought in Europe.


1) Round-robin Class Discussion: Have the students put their desks in a big circle; each student should take a turn sharing something about the topic.

Questions to ask:

• Which countries were involved in the war?

• What did Hitler and Germany do that began the fighting?

• At what point did the United States enter the war?

• How was the Army Air Corps important to the outcome of the war?

2) Writing Assignment: Have students write a short paper explaining why they think the Army Air Corps was important to the outcome of World War II. How did the air war contribute to the victory for the allies?

3) Classroom...

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