The Last Mission Character Descriptions

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Jack Raab

This character is a fifteen year-old kid who decides that someone from his family should fight in the war against Hitler.

Chuckie O'Brien

This character is eighteen and has a girlfriend back home; he is the radio man for his crew in the Air Corps.

Sergeants Dave Gonzalez, Billy Eustice, Fred Pratt, and Paul

These characters are all sergeants and crew members of the main character.

Lieutenants Gary Martin, Milt Held, and Sam Seppetone

These characters are all lieutenants and all three are killed when their plane is damaged.

Dotty Landon

This character is from New York and writes the main character many letters.

Father, Mother, Irving, and Marcia Raab

These characters are the main character's family.

Mr. and Mrs. O'Brien and Danny

These Characters are Chuckie's family.

Stan Wakowski

This character is another American Air Corps solider, he meets the main character on board a...

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