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Part 1, The Crew: Chapters 1-3

• Jack Raab is a Jewish teenager who wants to represent his family in the fight against Hitler.

• Jack lied about his age and joined the Army Air Corps.

• Jack has gone to boot camp in Florida and is now in Louisiana to undergo training with his flight crew.
• Jack is nervous that something he might do or say will clue the rest of the guys into his real age.

• Jack enlisted using his brother's birth certificate.

• Jack becomes close friends with Chuckie, who he met in gunnery school.

• Jack imagines if he ever tells anyone about his real age, it will be Chuckie.
• Jack is excited the first time he goes up in the air.

• Jack imagines he could do everyone's jobs, even the pilot's.

• Jack is anxious to get to Europe and take some revenge on the Germans for all the Jews...

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