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William Manchester
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where are the headquarters for the Prime Minister located?
(a) A palace
(b) The Parliament building
(c) A military base
(d) A bunker

2. CWR stands for what?
(a) Calculated Winter Raid
(b) Cabinet War Rooms
(c) Churchill's Waiting Response
(d) Churchill Went Right

3. Who does not attend the wedding of Winston's mother and father?
(a) His mother's parents
(b) The local clergy
(c) Winston's great-grandfather
(d) His father's parents

4. Jennie believes that Randolph will become what?
(a) King of England
(b) Minister of Parliament
(c) Ambassador to France
(d) Prime Minister

5. What is the headquarters of the Prime Minister known as?
(a) Central Rooms
(b) The Tunnels
(c) Downing
(d) Annexe

Short Answer Questions

1. Randolph's mother borrows baby supplies from whom?

2. England is under the rule of which royal person at the time of Churchill's birth?

3. What was the banking center of the world in the late 1800s?

4. What does Churchill tell his country to prepare for?

5. Winston graduates in what position out of the class of 130?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Churchill feel about the past? What are some examples of this?

2. What is Churchill's lineage?

3. How do Churchill's feelings and actions about Hitler and Mussolini change?

4. What was England's place in the world during the 1900s?

5. What military school does Winston attend? What are his experiences there like?

6. Why does Churchill consider himself an underdog? How does this affect him?

7. What are Winston's experiences like at the school in Brighton? What changes occur from the school in Ascot?

8. What is the relationship like between Winston and his parents? Who cares for Winston?

9. How did people around the British Empire keep in touch and gain news during the 1900s?

10. What is Jennie and Randolph's relationship like? How do they spend their time?

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