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William Manchester
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where is Winston's apartment?
(a) Belmont
(b) Mayfair
(c) Whitechapel
(d) Hogshead

2. What makes the upper class turn away from Winston?
(a) Clementine's affairs while Winston is away
(b) The People's Budget of 1909
(c) His support of the war with France
(d) Jennie's affair with a much younger man

3. Winston wants ___________ to return to active duty.
(a) Sir Portman
(b) Lord Fisher
(c) Sir Abbey
(d) Lord Chesterfield

4. How many ponies does Winston own?
(a) 5
(b) 9
(c) 14
(d) 2

5. How long did Winston delay the fall of Antwerp?
(a) Nine months
(b) One week
(c) Three days
(d) Four months

6. Winston is hired by what newspaper to cover the fighting in India?
(a) Daily Mail
(b) Daily Telegraph
(c) London Times
(d) BBC

7. Winston spends time with what friend of Jennie's?
(a) Bourke Cockran
(b) Bailey Kronvall
(c) David Gentry
(d) John Earle

8. By the end of 1914, the casualties for England and France are how many men?
(a) One million
(b) Seven hundred thousand
(c) Fifty thousand
(d) Three hundred thousand

9. Who is in power when Winston joins Parliament?
(a) Green Party
(b) Tories
(c) Sinn Fein
(d) Whigs

10. How long does the voyage to Bombay take?
(a) 3 days
(b) 16 days
(c) 18 hours
(d) 23 days

11. Winston supports home rule in which country?
(a) United States
(b) Cuba
(c) Ireland
(d) India

12. Who warns Winston that his traveling is not going over well with the cabinet?
(a) The Queen
(b) Jennie
(c) Prince of Wales
(d) Clementine

13. How many European soldiers are mobilized in the first week of WWI?
(a) 14 million
(b) 500,000
(c) 6 million
(d) 22 million

14. Winston hires a boy to fill what position?
(a) Driver
(b) Butler
(c) Chef
(d) Dressing Boy

15. The Turks threaten to blow up which city?
(a) Constantinople
(b) Moscow
(c) Paris
(d) Athens

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Winston learn when he arrives in Dover?

2. The problem in South Africa arises when what is found at Transvaal?

3. Which country joins with the Allies for the attack on Constantinople?

4. What does Winston do to earn extra money?

5. What does Winston plan to speak on?

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