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William Manchester
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Winston and Clementine move in with whom?
(a) Winston's brother
(b) Jennie's sister
(c) Clementine's aunt
(d) Jennie

2. What becomes Winston's base for his campaign?
(a) His apartment
(b) The Manchester Midland Hotel
(c) His mother's country estate
(d) The Kent Allistor Ballroom

3. Which side does Winston fight on in the battle?
(a) India
(b) United States
(c) Cuba
(d) Spain

4. Winston wants to use the money from his book for what?
(a) Getting married
(b) Buying a house
(c) A horse
(d) A campaign to Parliament

5. In the battle near Omdurman, what does Winston use as a weapon?
(a) Hands
(b) Stone
(c) Sword
(d) Pistol

6. What does Winston's family worry about him that is similar to what Randolph experienced?
(a) Fevers
(b) Allergies
(c) Memory lapses
(d) Insomnia

7. What does Winston do to earn extra money?
(a) Writes articles for the Daily Graphic
(b) Leads safaris out of Cape Town
(c) Tutors the children of the Duke of Danube
(d) Acts as a travel guide in Scotland

8. Winston hires a boy to fill what position?
(a) Butler
(b) Driver
(c) Dressing Boy
(d) Chef

9. Who is blamed for the lack of munitions by the troops in France?
(a) Kitchener
(b) Churchill
(c) Fisher
(d) Kemal

10. What position does Winston choose in the new government?
(a) Prime Minister
(b) Secretary of the interior
(c) Under secretary of state for the colonies
(d) Ambassador to India

11. What does Winston learn when he arrives in Dover?
(a) Antwerp has fallen to the French
(b) Clementine has given birth to a girl
(c) The United States has entered the war
(d) Italy has fallen to the Germans

12. How much money does Jennie send to Winston for the journey?
(a) 6 pounds
(b) 90 pounds
(c) 30 pounds
(d) 22 pounds

13. Jennie arrives in South Africa with what?
(a) A horse
(b) A hospital ship
(c) Guns for the troops
(d) A husband

14. Which actress does Winston propose to first?
(a) Jenna Moyer
(b) Emma Carlton
(c) Ethel Barrymore
(d) Abigail Grant

15. The War Council approves an attack on ____________________.
(a) Canary Islands
(b) Isle of Man
(c) Dardanelles
(d) Berlin

Short Answer Questions

1. Why was it thought that the upper class made better officers and leaders in the Army?

2. Where does Winston hide?

3. What do the Germans do in violation of international law?

4. What happens to Winston as he is traveling with a British truck in South Africa?

5. Who opens Parliament on February 14?

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