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William Manchester
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part Three: River.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. On April 23, Winston begins to attack what in Parliament?
(a) Divorce laws
(b) Policies toward Germany
(c) Army expenditures
(d) Income tax

2. Who does not attend the wedding of Winston's mother and father?
(a) Winston's great-grandfather
(b) The local clergy
(c) His mother's parents
(d) His father's parents

3. Churchill likes to read books from what authors?
(a) Swedish
(b) British
(c) American
(d) Russian

4. In the battle near Omdurman, what does Winston use as a weapon?
(a) Stone
(b) Sword
(c) Hands
(d) Pistol

5. What is Winston's novel called?
(a) The History of the Churchills
(b) Mirabai
(c) India's Gem
(d) Savrola

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Winston develop at Harrow?

2. Churchill has a strong preference for what?

3. Where is Winston's apartment?

4. Daughters who do not marry in the late 1800s become almost what?

5. The Tory Party draws much of its support from where?

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