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William Manchester
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part One: Headwaters.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Most people in the upper class in the late 1800s prefer which of their homes?
(a) Vacation homes
(b) City homes
(c) Country homes
(d) Suburban homes

2. Churchill believes that he controls what?
(a) The stock market
(b) His emotions
(c) His own fate
(d) The German army

3. The British gave the impression of being which of the following to other groups?
(a) Kind
(b) Overbearing
(c) Hostile
(d) Generous

4. Daughters who do not marry in the late 1800s become almost what?
(a) Prostitutes
(b) Unpaid servants
(c) Nuns
(d) Social outcasts

5. Canada is acquired by whom?
(a) East India Company
(b) California Gold Company
(c) Hudson Bay Company
(d) Grand River Company

Short Answer Questions

1. What percentage of miners was British?

2. How many warships does the British Navy have in the late 1800s?

3. What does Churchill often do during the raids?

4. In order to secure their Indian Empire, the British have to control the southern part of what?

5. England is under the rule of which royal person at the time of Churchill's birth?

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