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William Manchester
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part Four: Cataract.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In order to secure their Indian Empire, the British have to control the southern part of what?
(a) Australia
(b) South America
(c) Newfoundland
(d) Africa

2. How long does the voyage to Bombay take?
(a) 23 days
(b) 18 hours
(c) 16 days
(d) 3 days

3. What is Winston recommended for, even though he can't receive it?
(a) Nobel Peace Prize
(b) Purple Heart
(c) Victoria Cross
(d) Knighthood

4. What does Winston ask Asquith permission for?
(a) To resign the cabinet and lead the troops
(b) To travel with the Navy to the Baltic Sea
(c) To stay in Dunkirk until the battle at Antwerp is over
(d) To resign his post and retire

5. What did Britain think it would never lose?
(a) The Empire
(b) WWII
(c) The American Revolution
(d) Spanish-American War

Short Answer Questions

1. Winston's mother's family fought in what war?

2. What is the largest metropolitan area in the late 1800s?

3. The British gave the impression of being which of the following to other groups?

4. What battle is Winston at during his trip?

5. How many European soldiers are mobilized in the first week of WWI?

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