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William Manchester
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part Four: Cataract.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Winston spends time with what friend of Jennie's?
(a) John Earle
(b) Bourke Cockran
(c) Bailey Kronvall
(d) David Gentry

2. Winston wants to use the money from his book for what?
(a) A campaign to Parliament
(b) A horse
(c) Getting married
(d) Buying a house

3. What do the Germans do in violation of international law?
(a) Refuse to fight the British in Antwerp
(b) Invade Greenland
(c) Close the English Channel
(d) Barricade the Baltic Sea

4. Winston wants to go where to cover a war?
(a) Vietnam
(b) Crete
(c) Guam
(d) Mexico

5. Who does the Royal Commission blame for the Dardanelles?
(a) Churchill
(b) Asquith and Kitchener
(c) Foster and Kemel
(d) Fisher and Churchill

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Winston feel about the office Asquith offers and being cut off from the war?

2. Winston's mother is named which of the following?

3. After his return to England, Winston and his Fourth Hussars prepare to go where?

4. How many cavalry units did the British army have?

5. After India, where is the next scene of action?

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