Daily Lessons for Teaching The Last Lion: Winston Spencer Churchill

William Manchester
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Lesson 1 (from Preamble: The Lion at Bay)


The book opens with the British facing down the Germans across the English Channel in World War II. The objective of this lesson is to learn more about WWII and how Winston Churchill was involved in the war.


Homework: Create a timeline of World War II. Include in your timeline important events and turning points in the war. For example, you might include important battles, decisions, and the ending of the war.

Homework: Write a biography of someone in WWII. Choose someone other than Winston Churchill. For example, you might write a biography on Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, or Benito Mussolini. You might also choose a general or other important figure. Include in your biography the person's background and what role the person played in World War II.

Watch a documentary or other program on WWII. Have students complete a worksheet or reaction paper to...

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