The Last Lion: Winston Spencer Churchill Character Descriptions

William Manchester
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Character Descriptions

Winston Churchill - He is elected to Parliament at the age of twenty-five. He serves as the Home Secretary prior to World War II. When the war begins, he is first lord of the Admiralty and responsible for intervening in Norway.

Randolph Churchill - He takes a post in Dublin, Ireland and moves his family there. Three years later they are back in London and his rift with the Prince is settled. He is elected as Tory Prime Minister and attends Parliament. During this time his syphilis continues to worsen. The disease progresses and he dies in 1895.

Jennie Churchill - She is an American from a wealthy East coast family. She remains with her syphilitic husband until his death in 1895. She is very active on the party scene. She outfits a hospital ship through fundraising during the Boer War. She remarries a much younger man.

Clementine Churchill...

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