The Last Lion: Winston Spencer Churchill Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

William Manchester
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Chapter Abstracts

* The British Army retreats to Dunkirk.

* The Army is under threat from Germany, but they have the advantage of their leader, Winston Churchill.

* Churchill is against a negotiated settlement.

* Churchill tells the nation to prepare for a long war.

* He tells the country that they will fight and defend their country.

* The headquarters of the Prime Minister are in a bunker called the Cabinet War Rooms, or CWR.

* Churchill often runs out after the raids to see what damage has been done.

* Churchill has a strong preference for the past.

* He follows tradition, such as not attending Parliament, and he uses the old names for cities and countries.

* Churchill is not fond of many modern technologies and items, including airplanes.

* Churchill's public life was a series of ups and downs.

* He thinks of himself as an underdog throughout his life and always sides...

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