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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where do the Sioux Indians kill Sven and Danjel?
(a) By the creek.
(b) In the field.
(c) On the road.
(d) In their beds.

2. Who comes to Karl's house to chastise him for his carnal appetites which ultimately killed his wife?
(a) Birgit.
(b) Samuel.
(c) Ana.
(d) Ulrika.

3. Kristina's dream transitions from a pleasant situation to one in which she ________________________.
(a) cannot find her children.
(b) falls into an abyss.
(c) is covered in hot tar.
(d) is tossed into the sea from a ship.

4. How many white settlers are killed in the Sioux Indian war?
(a) Five hundred.
(b) Nearly three hundred.
(c) Over one thousand.
(d) About one thousand.

5. Why does Karl refuse to leave his farm?
(a) Because he thinks he can fight the Sioux himself.
(b) Because he thinks God will save him.
(c) Because he has a cow about to deliver a calf.
(d) Because Kristina can't be moved.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Karl's last name?

2. What seems to bother Karl as he watches over Kristina?

3. What is Kristina suffering through at the beginning of Chapter XIII?

4. What makes Karl forget about the Sioux Indian scare for periods of time?

5. What name had Karl given to his farm originally?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the reason that so many people emigrate to Lake Chisago from Sweden

2. Why is Ulrika upset at her son's choice of occupation?

3. Why do the Sioux Indians initiate war against the white settlers?

4. What is the toll on the settlers during the Sioux Indian war?

5. What item does Klas Albert convince Karl to buy, and what benefit does it bring to Karl's family?

6. How does Karl embarrass his sons sometimes when he speaks now that he is older?

7. What occurs to exaggerate Karl's anxiety while Kristina is ill?

8. Who is William J. Sturgis, and what heroic act did he perform in the duty of warning settlers about the Indian attacks?

9. Why does Karl decide to send wheat back to Sweden and why does he send his best crop?

10. What is Ulrika's true reason for giving the bridal crown to the village church?

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