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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. 1861-1862 is the _______________ winter in America for the emigrants.
(a) twelfth.
(b) fifth.
(c) third.
(d) second.

2. What does Kristina sew for Karl on her new sewing machine?
(a) Sunday suit.
(b) Overalls.
(c) Flannel shirts.
(d) Wool coat.

3. What is the predominant religion in the St. Croix Valley area?
(a) Methodist.
(b) Lutheran.
(c) Catholic.
(d) Episcopalian.

4. What season is it when Part 1, Chapter IV begins?
(a) Autumn.
(b) Summer.
(c) Winter.
(d) Spring.

5. What crop is Karl Oskar ready to plant as news of the war comes?
(a) Winter wheat.
(b) Soybeans.
(c) Corn.
(d) Spring wheat.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Kristina doing when she experiences intense abdominal pain and bleeds heavily?

2. What is the main reason Kristina doesn't want Karl to go to war?

3. Why does Kristina decide to be intimate with Karl again?

4. Why is Manda upset with Pastor Stenius?

5. Kristina tells Karl that her doctor's appointment was ___________________.

Short Essay Questions

1. What are Kristina's beliefs about the way white Christians treat the Indians?

2. Why does Kristina compare going to the doctor to immigrating?

3. What decision does Kristina make for herself regarding which religion to follow and how does she show independence in her relationship with God?

4. What is the argument Karl and Nojd have regarding who really owns Karl's land?

5. How do Karl and Kristina differ in their views on the Civil War?

6. What does the Indian cliff symbolize in the story?

7. What topic does Ulrika bring up to Karl one day which embarrasses him?

8. What does Jonas Petter's admonition to Sven about moving to Meeker County foreshadow?

9. How does Karl's rational side emerge when Civil War breaks out in America?

10. How do Karl and Kristina differ in their views when Karl is rejected by the army?

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