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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Kristina doing when she experiences intense abdominal pain and bleeds heavily?
(a) Milking a cow.
(b) Washing the clothes.
(c) Chopping kindling.
(d) Making stew.

2. Why is Kristina anxious for the apples to ripen?
(a) To dry apples for the long winter.
(b) To can apples to give as gifts.
(c) To make pies for the church bake sale.
(d) To share a piece of her childhood with her children.

3. Kristina is pregnant with her ______________ child.
(a) twelfth.
(b) third.
(c) sixth.
(d) ninth.

4. What is the region in which the settlers made their home in Minnesota?
(a) St. Croix Valley.
(b) Ottawa Valley.
(c) Orion Valley.
(d) LeJeune Valley.

5. Karl Oskar is the owner of the first settlement at _____________________.
(a) Chicago Lake.
(b) Charleston Lake.
(c) Chinook Lake.
(d) Chisago Lake.

Short Answer Questions

1. How many siblings does Karl have?

2. Kristina believes that ______________________ does not affect a connection with God.

3. Where does Karl wait while Kristina is at her doctor's appointment?

4. The family had immigrated and settled in which U.S. state?

5. The _______________ does not have the same power in America that it did in Sweden.

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Jonas Petter's admonition to Sven about moving to Meeker County foreshadow?

2. What are the circumstances in which Karl and Kristina become intimate again?

3. What does Karl's anxiety while waiting for Kristina's doctor's appointment signify?

4. Which of Karl and Kristina's relatives are killed in the first Indian attack, and who is the only one to survive?

5. How does Kristina feel about the doctor's warnings to her and what stance does Karl take on the subject?

6. What is Ulrika's true reason for giving the bridal crown to the village church?

7. What is confirmed about Kristina's illness when she has abdominal pain and bleeding again?

8. What advice does Danjel give to Kristina about her prayers to God?

9. Why does Karl decide to send wheat back to Sweden and why does he send his best crop?

10. What is Pastor Stenius' stance on where his religious powers reside and what role does he play in the disruption of the settlers and their religious beliefs?

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