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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 1, Chapter VII and VIII.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Karl insists that they follow the doctor's instructions because it is important for Kristina to get better, despite ___________________________.
(a) the expense of the treatments.
(b) her absence from the home.
(c) the recovery period.
(d) the physical denial he suffers.

2. What does Karl dream of tilling on his claim?
(a) The pine tree stand.
(b) The orchard.
(c) The meadow.
(d) The oak stand.

3. Karl argues that it is not sinful to __________________ in a war.
(a) avoid the draft.
(b) leave your family.
(c) kill enemies.
(d) be angry.

4. Regarding the war, who believes that killing is wrong no matter the reason and punishment belongs to God alone?
(a) Kristina.
(b) Johan.
(c) Karl.
(d) Axel.

5. Danjel is _______________ cousin.
(a) Kristina's.
(b) Peter's.
(c) Karl's.
(d) Sven's.

Short Answer Questions

1. How old are Karl and Kristina?

2. What is the content of the letter sent to Karl?

3. What season is it when Part 1, Chapter IV begins?

4. The First Commandment for Emigrants offers the rule to never regret one's emigration and to ___________________.

5. A sand cliff on the west shore of Lake Chisago is shaped like _____________________.

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